2014 Ktm 250sxf

2014 Ktm 250sxf

The 250 SX-F has officially demonstrated its esteem wining numerous titles for KTM, so the 2014 model ought to have all it needs to stay before the pack.At the heart of the 2014 KTM 250 SX-F lies a 1 barrel, 4 stroke, water cooled engine with a displacement of 249.91 cc (15.2505 Cu In). For 2014, the 250 SX‑F picked up a lighter, 5-speed gear box which additionally upgrades the bicycle’s exhibitions.

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The 4 stroke engine breaths through a current fumes framework that components new hydro-shaped sections giving an or more of torque and less outflows.

The motorcycle’s spine is spoken to by a firm casing made of lightweight, high-quality chromoly steel sections. The edge consolidates most extreme longitudinal firmness with ideal torsional inflexibility helping you get top of the line exhibitions as far as ride and taking care of.

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